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Mar 4, 2018

Larry Jordan has amassed more than 45 professional credits, working on successful films such as Fallen, Assassins, Deuce Bigelow: Male Gigolo and television series including CSI: Miami and NYPD Blue.  . Larry has worked with many of the top creatives at the world’s largest entertainment companies, including Time Warner, Sony, Fox, MGM, HBO, Netflix and Disney. Larry recently Master the Workflow (, a game-changing online course that teaches the practicalities of a career in film editing to a new generation of up and coming filmmakers and professional film editors.

Topics addressed in this interview include:

  • Why a professional editor is key to the success of an independent feature film.
  • When in the process of development/pre-production producers should start looking for their film editor.
  • How to foster a productive, streamlined, relationship between DP, Director, and Editor
  • The relationship between Film Editors and Post Production Supervisors
  • Collecting, storing, protecting, and editing digital images in a 4K+ world
  • What to look for when assessing film editors for your feature
  • Why some indie filmmakers elect to edit their own productions and how to do it well

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