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Feb 13, 2018

Producer Patti Pelton has worked with CBS, Paramount, Walt Disney Studios among many others to arrange deals which make projects easier to produce and more profitable. You can learn about Patti's background and work here:

Product placement and brand integration deals can significantly reduce your costs and increase your revenues. They can also make your project more attractive to investors.

Tip: Reach out to Patti, or anyone else you want to work with to do product placement, brand integration, and/or sponsorship before funding and production if you want to maximize the value of your production. Minor tweaks to the script may have a huge impact on who you can work with and what you can earn.

Topics addressed in this recorded interview include

  • Acquiring filming locations, props, and other elements required for production through product placement.
  • Brand integration deals and how they can generate revenue for a film.
  • Why companies sponsor projects or invest in product placement
  • How business use their involvement in a project to promote their products and services to customers and their company to investors.
  • Necessary Clearances and Standards & Practices Compliance

If you have questions about this interview please send me an email at I look forward to being of service to you. Patti can be reached at