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Dec 6, 2017

In this interview writer/producer Marilyn Anderson addresses tools and techniques writers and producers can use to:

  • Entertain potential business associates, partners, and investors with style and grace
  • Dress themselves and performers well
  • Travel well cheaply to domestic and international locations

Writers and Screenwriters frequently find themselves living a long time between paychecks, pitching projects to decision makers in face-to-face meetings, and paying for the travel and other experiences that turn into the stories, articles, books, and screenplays they tell. Marilyn's techniques help writers save money while enjoying a better and more productive life.

Producers entertain constantly. When they aren't inviting writers, agents, actors, investors, and key crew to lunch, dinner, or drinks they are providing catered meals throughout production. They have to dress well to convey confidence and an air of success, and they are paying for travel all the time.

Marilyn's How to Live Like a Millionaire When You're a Million Short is a funny, savvy, empowering book derived from her many years as a working writer and producer in the entertainment industry. 

She frequently consults with producers to help them reduce costs and solve problems as they develop their projects and works with writers to improve their screenplays.

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