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Oct 6, 2018

Only people have money to buy things. Whether it’s an independent producer with funds to purchase your screenplay, an investor with money to put into your film, a studio exec shopping for a book or podcast to license, or a director looking to hire an actor . . . only humans ever pull the trigger on purchasing things.

That means you need a business network within the entertainment industry that will actively help you find the people who actually want to buy what you sell. In this event you learn the art and science of building and entertainment industry network swiftly, comfortably, and cost effectively.

Topics addressed:

  • Where and how to find networking events that lend themselves to making real connections.
  • How to very comfortably meet people at events 
  • What to do with their business cards
  • How to introduce yourself to a group, and one-on-one, so people remember you well
  • How to reach out to people after an event comfortably
  • How to give people leads on potential opportunities
  • How to accept leads from others graciously and without obligation

This is the perfect podcast to listen to if you really struggle with networking, building professional relationships, and using those relationships as a springboard to great opportunities. You can find written lecture notes and a video with slides covering this material at