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Oct 6, 2018

Bridget Fitzgerald is an actress, comedienne, and model. She is also a member of National Lampoon's sketch comedy team, making a sketch comedy podcast heard by half a million monthly listeners. Her web series SmileyBridgeTV has had 1/4 million views, and she attributes some of that success to two audiobooks: "How I Exiled My Inner B*tch” which she acted in and "iHumpty" which she produced as well as acted in. You can learn more here: and

Her investment in producing audio content and a SAG New Media web series has helped her get more and better acting roles and writing gigs. It’s also allowed her to establish herself as a producer, co-producer, and director. She’s been asked to work as a judge in writing contests and consults with those producing web series, podcasts, and audiobooks.

Topics addressed include . . .

  • Why Hollywood Now Favors Actor/Writer/Producers, Actor/Producers, and Writer/Producers
  • Using Podcasts and Audiobooks to Generate Revenue
  • Hiring Union Actors for Podcasts and Audiobooks
  • The Process of Producing a SAG New Media Web Series
  • Finding and Creating New Business Relationships and Business Opportunities

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